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'Spirituality For You & Me' a book authored by Bhawana Verma foudner of Sweet Magnoliaa online store




We are proud to introduce 'Spirituality for You And Me,' a captivating journey that connects the mystical realm of spirituality with the tangible realm of self-awareness.    

Authored by the radiant founder of Sweet Magnoliaa, Bhawana Verma, this book represents her wisdom, garnered from a transformative personal journey.

Bhawana, initially an atheist, discovered her path to the spiritual realm through a profound mystical experience. This life-altering event sparked a spiritual quest, culminating in this insightful book aimed at assisting others in unveiling their inherent potential and attaining inner harmony.

'Spirituality for You And Me' is not merely a book - it is a spiritual compass, elucidating intricate spiritual concepts. Bhawana's enlightening words offer a fresh perspective on self-understanding, equipping you to significantly reshape your life's trajectory. By nurturing spiritual growth and fostering alignment with your higher self, this guide initiates you on a transformative journey. 

Anecdotes from the Writing Process: Unveiling the Journey

In this section, I invite you to delve into the captivating behind-the-scenes moments and cherished memories that shaped the creation of 'Spirituality for You & Me.' Join me on this intimate glimpse into my journey:

During the writing process of my book, 'Spirituality for You & Me,' as a clairvoyant, I embarked on a fascinating and enlightening journey. I received profound guidance and invaluable lessons from my spirit guides and higher self. They urged me to share this wisdom with the world, which I initially began through my blog and YouTube channel.

As time went on, I received an overwhelming number of messages from my higher self, which compelled me to write a book. I understood that to truly capture the essence of those messages I was receiving and allow readers to delve into its profound teachings at their own pace, I needed to write a comprehensive book.

It was an extraordinary experience as I dived deeper into my spiritual journey, uncovering hidden truths and connecting with the essence of the divine. Each word and chapter carried the weight of profound insights and transformative wisdom.

Writing became a sacred process, where I translated the whispers of the universe into tangible words, ensuring that readers could embark on their own transformative journey.

In the divine dialogue of spiritual lessons,I find a profound bliss that transcends the ordinary. Tears well up in my eyes, and a ripple of goosebumps cascades down my skin, bearing witness to the intensity of what I experience during these divine lessons.


Now, as you embark on the pages of 'Spirituality for You & Me,' I invite you to witness the culmination of this remarkable writing process, where every anecdote, every lesson, and every revelation is carefully woven to provide you with a transformative and enlightening experience.

Join me as we explore the anecdotes from this extraordinary writing journey, where the veil between the spiritual and the material world dissolves, and the true essence of spirituality shines through.

I recall waking up early in the morning, my mind brimming with thoughts waiting to be expressed. With half-closed eyes, I diligently transcribed these profound musings onto paper. It was a beautiful and somewhat amusing experience, as my family observed this scene with curiosity, unaware of my purpose. Over time, they became accustomed to my morning ritual of capturing my thoughts on paper.


I also want to share my moments of doubt. At first, I questioned why anyone would bother to read my book when I am not a guru. However, my spirit guide reminded me to focus on completing my work without worrying about the outcome.


Then, I had doubts about my intentions. I remember a friend calling me and suggesting that with my spiritual enlightenment, I could have a lucrative career in spirituality, which is a money-making profession these days. Another friend asked me how much I charge to connect people with their spirit guides, mentioning that they had paid a hefty amount to someone for the same service. These incidents made me question if I was also motivated by money. The self-doubt almost prevented me from publishing my book.

However, one day while reading a book, I had a realization. Not everyone prefers to read blog posts or watch YouTube channels. There are many people who enjoy curling up in a cozy reading nook and immersing themselves in a book to truly grasp the essence of a concept. It was this realization that propelled me to jump-start the publishing process.


Among the multitude of doubts that slowed the publication of my book, one was a deeply-rooted fear, amplifying my self-doubt. The entire experience was uncanny to me: I had never written a book before, and then, seemingly out of the ether, I found myself with a complete manuscript. The looming prospect of it being read by others stirred a sense of apprehension within me. I was anxious about the content I had created and about navigating the processes of editing and proofreading.

Nevertheless, as I started to peruse my own work, chapter by chapter, I was swept over by a wave of intense emotion that brought tears to my eyes. It became clear to me that each word had been narrated to me by my spirit guide, as a part of my ongoing spiritual lessons. I was simply a conduit, inscribing these spiritual instructions into a book, to share them with others. This profound realization dispelled my doubts and fears, bestowing upon me a renewed sense of clarity and confidence.


The book serves as more than a reservoir of spiritual wisdom. Each page turned brings you a step closer to awakening your latent potential, guiding you towards a life in harmonious alignment with your deepest truth.

Personal note by the author:

"I'm thrilled to announce the release of my book, 'Spirituality for You & Me.' I'm deeply grateful to the Universe for choosing me as the vessel to convey this profound wisdom.

Upon completing the book, I read it chapter by chapter and was moved to tears by the profound depth of the lessons I received and shared within these pages. It was in these emotionally charged moments that I truly appreciated the transformative knowledge I had gained from my higher self."


Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey towards self-discovery and stepping into your own power? If so, it's time to get your hands on 'Spirituality for You And Me.' Embark on your transformation today!    


🌟 Exciting Announcement!

The team at Sweet Magnoliaa is elated to give you a glimpse into our founder, Bhawana Verma's upcoming book. The enthusiastic reception of her debut work has played a significant role in motivating her, and for that, she extends her heartfelt thanks.

As Bhawana was nearing the completion of her first book, she was enveloped by a series of deep insights. While initially thought to be an addition to her debut, Bhawana's spiritual guides intimated that these profound revelations deserved a separate space due to their encompassing nature. The narrative, therefore, evolves and expands. 

With the wisdom of her spiritual guides, another enlightening journey awaits. A hint for the inquisitive souls: "From Mundane to Mystical". More revelations will be made soon. We invite you to join Bhawana on this new venture, and as always, stay connected with us at Sweet Magnoliaa! 📚✨

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